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Cheese Wedding Cakes: A Guide To Budgeting And Pricing

When planning a wedding, there are so many details that must be taken into consideration. One of the most important decisions is selecting the perfect cake!

Cheese wedding cakes have become increasingly popular because of their unique flavour and presentation options.

As a professional wedding planner, I'm here to guide you through budgeting for and to price your cheese wedding cake.

The possibilities for your special day are endless for creating the ideal cheese wedding cake.

No matter your style or design, we'll ensure it's as unique and meaningful as your love story! With my experience, I can help you plan an affordable cake that won't sacrifice taste or beauty.

Your guests will be impressed by this delectable dessert's look and flavour.


Let me help ensure that your big day stays within budget while being unforgettable!


In this article, I'll provide helpful tips on budgeting for and easily price your cheese wedding cake.

But don't forget to budget for a cheese grater to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece! (I'm joking) 😏


Types of Cheese Wedding Cakes

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding cake is about £310? But cheese wedding cakes are much less!


If you want something unique and delicious, consider a cheese wedding cake!


There are many types to choose from - all with their special flavours.

Soft cheeses such as French Langres and blue cheese can create creamy layers in your cake.


The benefit of these soft cheeses is that they pair nicely with fruits like figs or apricots. Harder cheeses tend to have more intense flavour profiles, making great statement pieces if featured on top of your cake. Think Manchego, Gouda and or a Red Storm boasts serious vintage age for typically 18 months to create an intense taste and refined texture.


Your guests will love the bold taste of these traditional options.

For whatever type of cheese you decide for your wedding day, remember that it should complement the other elements on your menu – so take time when selecting different varieties.

With careful consideration, you can ensure everyone enjoys a slice of this delicious treat at your reception!


Determining Your Budget For A Cheese Wedding Cake

What a coincidence you stumbled upon this guide about budgeting for cheese wedding cakes.


Planning your dream wedding is no small feat, and figuring out where to start can be overwhelming! Budgeting for a cheese wedding cake should be one of the first things on your list.

For example, when setting a budget for your cheese wedding cake, consider the size, the type of cheese, and the number of guests.

As a professional wedding planner, I understand the importance of ensuring every aspect of your special day falls within the allotted budget.

Cheese wedding cakes add extra luxury to any reception, but they come at a price - literally!

To get the most bang for your buck when planning your big day, consider these tips: research the different types of cheese available and their associated costs; decide if you want an elaborate or simple design; and talk with an experienced cheesemonger to determine what kind of service they offer.


Considering all those factors, you'll better understand how much money you need to set aside for this particular item.

By researching beforehand and understanding how pricing works, you can ensure that everything fits perfectly within your overall budget.


In addition, you can ensure that you get exactly what you desire on the big day.


So remember - researching prices for cheese wedding cakes is key before signing off on anything!


Researching Prices For Cheese Wedding Cakes

Researching prices for cheese wedding cakes is like unearthing buried treasure.


As a professional wedding planner, I've learned that the key to finding the maximum value in a cheese wedding cake lies in being aware of all the factors involved.

The best way to start researching prices is by contacting local cheesemongers or online stores and asking them what they charge for their cheese wedding cakes. This can provide insight into pricing trends in your area and help you get an idea of what kind of quality you can expect from each.


It's also important to keep track of any discounts or deals offered by different establishments, as these could greatly affect the final cost.


Additionally, check reviews online before committing to any particular establishment - this will ensure you get the highest-quality product at a competitive price.

Once you've researched and narrowed your options, it's time to factor in the other costs of buying a cheese wedding cake.


For example, delivery fees may apply if the store isn't close enough for pick up; additional decorations might add to the total price. All of these should be considered when creating your budget so that there are no surprises come payment time!


Factors That Impact The Price Of Cheese Wedding Cakes

Choosing the perfect cheese wedding cake is like selecting an outfit for your big day - it's all about finding something that works with the overall look and feel of the occasion.


When budgeting for this special treat, several factors must be considered to determine how much you should spend.

Think of the price as consisting of two parts: how much cheese you need to feed all your guests, any decorations added on top or around it, plus accompaniments.


For example, suppose you want a unique flavour combination such as blue cheese and honeycomb. In that case, you can expect to pay more than just basic cheddar and chives.


Also, consider whether you will be using real flowers or sugar paste versions; fresh blooms tend to cost more, but they also last longer, so they are worth investing in.


Lastly, consider how many tiers you require – larger cakes naturally come at higher prices due to their size.

Ultimately, always consider your bottom line when pricing out different options.


You'll need a lot of accompaniments, including crackers, biscuits, flatbreads, toasts, oatcakes, butter, chutney's, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, cooked and curred meats, roasted/marinated and raw vegetables, olive oils, olives,vinegars, herbs, preserves, piccalilli and pickles, chilli jam, pate/terrines, salad leaves, coleslaw, dips & sauces. 

This will enable you to get creative with flavours and designs that truly reflect your vision of your dream cheesecake!


Tips For Keeping Costs Low

A cheese wedding cake may sound like an extravagant splurge, but believe it or not, there are ways to keep costs low if you know what you're doing!


While the big day is supposed to be special and unique, this doesn't mean your budget has to suffer.


Let's explore a few tips for decreasing prices while having a delicious cheese-filled celebration.

The first key is to shop around – don't just settle with one vendor until you've checked out their competition and ensured they offer the best value. Compare the quality of ingredients and decorations provided by different vendors concerning their price tag and ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


Additionally, consider buying slightly smaller cakes to feed fewer guests; usually, people only eat a small slice, so having multiple mini cakes can work just as well as one larger ones.

So don't worry – creating beautiful (and tasty!) cheese wedding cakes doesn't have to break the bank - careful planning and smart decision-making can take you a long way towards achieving your dream day without crossing over budget.


Now let's focus on how we can create these masterpieces ourselves...


Making DIY Cheese Wedding Cakes

As a professional wedding planner, I'm always looking for ways to help couples bring their vision of the perfect celebration to life without breaking the bank.


Crafting DIY cheese wedding cakes is a delicious way to do so!

Using synecdoche—a rhetorical device that describes a part as if it were the whole—we can spin your budget into an unforgettable experience by creating these delicious and unique savoury desserts.


From figuring out how much you need in terms of cheese to cutting costs on decorations, there are plenty of opportunities for cost-saving when making your cheese wedding cake.

Plus, with all that extra time saved from not searching for pricey cheese supplier, you can spend more time planning other aspects of the big day - like decorating ideas for those cheesy creations!


With some creativity and passion, you could even turn this process into something special and memorable – just like your dream wedding should be.


Decorating Ideas For Cheese Wedding Cakes

The process may be difficult and time-consuming when decorating cheese wedding cakes. However, with a few simple steps, you can easily create beautiful works of art without breaking your budget.


As a professional wedding planner, I have put together this short guide to help you get started creating stunning decorations for your special day.

To begin, here are five tips to consider when planning out how to decorate:


  1. Use edible flowers like pansies or rose petals to add colour and flavour!
  2. Use ribbons or bows
  3. Have fun layering different shapes and sizes of cheese wheels for an eye-catching design.
  4. Consider incorporating herbs such as thyme or oregano into the mix - these subtle flavours complement any cheese variety nicely.
  5. Add texture by adding nuts or seeds to the cake for crunchy pops of contrast.
  6. Use a great base like a tree log that looks and works great.

These tips should give you plenty of ideas for how to make your cheese wheel cake truly one-of-a-kind.


With just a bit of creativity and experimentation, you'll be able to craft something remarkable that everyone at the reception will remember fondly.

Decorating cheese wedding cakes presents an opportunity to express yourself while being practical and cost-effective - don't hesitate to try! Moving forward, let us explore the benefits of selecting these unique cakes for special occasions...


Benefits Of Cheese Wedding Cakes

When it comes to wedding cakes, the options are seemingly endless. Would cheese wedding cakes be viable for couples wanting something unique that still fits their budget?


The answer is yes!


Cheese wedding cakes can provide many benefits for engaged couples on a budget.

To start with, these types of cakes have an eye-catching appearance and taste delicious. From creamy Brie to sharp cheddar varieties, there's a flavour profile for everyone.


Moreover, they're often cheaper than traditional cake flavours because most people don't traditionally think of having cheese as part of their dessert table.


This makes them ideal for outdoor weddings or receptions in warmer months when temperature control is not always feasible.


Considering all these advantages, it's easy to see why cheese wedding cakes should be seriously considered when planning your special day.


Finding A Cheese Wedding Cake Vendor

When finding the very best cheese wedding cake vendor for your big day, you want someone who knows how to craft and deliver a delicious and aesthetically pleasing masterpiece.


After all, this is one of the most memorable aspects of your reception!


But don't worry – there are plenty of talented vendors out there who can create something truly special for your celebration, including us!


Here are a few tips for choosing the right one:

  • Research vendors online and in your area:  Ask around at bridal boutiques or other wedding vendors if they have any suggestions.
  • Look at their portfolio: Carefully examine each baker's portfolio once you have narrowed your list. Do they specialise in custom designs? What type of cheeses do they typically use? Does their style match what you're envisioning?
  • Consider price range: When budgeting for a cheese wedding cake, consider the cost per slice and any additional decorations or presentation elements needed. Ensure these details fit within your budget before finalising anything with the baker.
  • Review delivery and payment details: will it arrive on time and is ther any flexible payment options?

Finding the ideal cheese wedding cake maker doesn't have to be difficult. Research different vendors and compare portfolios, prices, and styles until you find one that works perfectly for you!



Alternatives To Cheese Wedding Cakes

When planning the perfect wedding, there is a lot of pressure to have everything flow smoothly. But what if you want something different for your special day?

Cheese wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative way to cut the cake.


However, budgeting and pricing can be tricky!


Here's our guide to exploring alternatives to cheese wedding cakes.

Exploring other options doesn't have to feel overwhelming - it can be fun! To make sure you find the right choice for your big day, let's start by breaking down some common alternatives:


  • Cake Alternatives: From cupcakes or doughnuts to pies or tarts – explore delicious flavours that will wow your guests. For example, a chocolate mousse tart with seasonal berries is great for a summery feel.
  • Non-cake Alternatives: Why not switch things up altogether if none tickle your fancy? Consider having small individual servings like macarons or lollipops instead of a traditional cake-cutting ceremony. This could add a creative twist to your special day.

Whether you choose one of these delicious alternatives or stick with the classic cheese wedding cake, remember that no decision should be made in haste.


Take time to research all available options so that when you finally choose one, you know it's exactly what you wanted for your beautiful celebration!



The beauty of a cheese wedding cake is undeniable. It allows couples to make their special day truly unique and memorable.

As you plan your budget for your dream cheese wedding cake, remember that many factors can affect the final cost. But with some research and creative decorating ideas, finding an affordable option that fits your needs is possible.

At the end of the day, we want our clients to feel comfortable and confident when selecting their dream cake.


That's why I always recommend exploring all options – including alternatives like cupcakes – before settling on a decision.


You can create a stunning display without breaking the bank with careful planning!

Cheese wedding cakes offer something truly special for any couple's big day.

From delicious flavour combinations to stylish decorations, these cakes will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any celebration.

Whether you opt for traditional or modern designs, let us help you create something unique and unforgettable for your special event.

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