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Penny Cheese Wedding Cake

Penny Cheese Wedding Cake

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The six-layer Penny cheese wedding cake serves 105-150 guests.


Top Layer – Neufchatel Heart

Often compared to Camembert, this heart-shaped cheese has a white bloomy rind and a saltier, sharper flavour.

The diameter is 9.5cm, the depth is 3cm, and the weight is 0.2kg.

Second Layer – Cornish Yarg

It is handcrafted in Cornwall with nettle leaves. Creamy in the centre and crumbly underneath, Cornish Yarg is known for its creaminess under the rind.

It measures 13 cm in diameter, 8 cm in depth, and weighs 1 kilogram.

Third Layer – Old Smokey

A mature cheddar cheese that has been smoked over oak. The product is gently oak smoked to develop a subtle smoky flavour and then coated in black wax.

The diameter is 14 cm, the depth is 6 cm, and the weight is 1 kg.

Fourth Layer – French Brie

This mild, mould-ripened Brie from the Vosges has a milky taste and a light hazelnut taste.

This product measures 18.5cm in diameter, 3.5cm in depth, and weighs 1kg.

Fifth Layer – Blue Stilton

The dimensions are 21cm in diameter, 5cm in depth, and 2kg in weight. Throughout the entire cheese, there is distinctive blue veining.

Bottom Layer – Mature Cheddar

A mature cheddar is cut into a shape for a wedding cake base.

It measures 30cm in diameter, 5cm in depth, and weighs 5kg.

The approximate weight is 10.2 kilograms.

A non-decorated version is provided.

Ingredients Allergens
Neuf Chatel Heart Milk from unpasteurised cows, salt, animal rennet, starter culture, mould culture Unpasteurised cow's milk
Cornish Yarg The following ingredients are used in this product: Pasteurised cow's milk, salt, nettle leaves, DVI starter, culture, vegetarian rennet, calcium chloride, penicillium candidum Pasteurised cow's milk, suitable for vegetarians
Old Smokey It contains pasteurised cow's milk, salt, rennet, starter culture, and natural smoke Milk from cows that have been pasteurised. Vegetarian-friendly
French Brie It contains pasteurised cow's milk, salt, cultures, and rennet Pasteurised cow's milk. The product is suitable for vegetarians
Blue Stilton Salt, rennet, starter culture, mould culture, pasteurised cow's milk Milk from cows
Mature Cheddar Salted, renneted, and starter cultured pasteurised cow's milk Pasteurised cow's milk. The product is suitable for vegetarians.
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Delivery Information

Your order will be delivered by DPD before 12pm. During checkout, you will be charged for shipping.

Please use the notes section at checkout with any extra event details we should best know.

Delivery via DPD will take place 1 to 2 days prior to your special day, with a standard delivery fee of £20.

We can deliver anywhere in the UK, except Northern Ireland, the Scottish Highlands or the Channel Islands.

Our couriers may sometimes experience unexpected delays, so please choose a delivery date at least 3 working days before your event.

When the cake is delivered, a person must be present to sign and refrigerate it. Our couriers cannot provide any storage advice or leave the cake unattended unless the customer arranges it with them directly.

You are responsible for contacting your venue or wedding coordinator/caterer to confirm that they can accept deliveries, as our couriers cannot do so.

Delivery notifications will be sent to your email address on the same day. Make sure your email address is correct.

Cheese wheel cake will be delivered in an insulated box. Stacking one cheese on top of the other takes only minutes to assemble. If necessary, use dowelling and cake boards.


Your cheese will need to be kept below 8 degrees until the day of your wedding.

When the event day arrives, unwrap your cheese and assemble it. If you leave the cheeses somewhere cool for 4-5 hours, they will be fine. To ensure all larger cheeses are at room temperature, please allow them to come out of the fridge at least 2 hours before serving.

The Cheese Wedding Cake Shop has industrial cold storage units and offers cool storage delivery services. Remember the size of storage you will need if your cheese is delivered a few days in advance. Refrigerated leftover cheese can be wrapped, stored, and eaten a few days later. Any leftovers can also be frozen if needed.


The availability of all products listed on the website is subject to change. Occasionally, some of our cheeses may not be available since they come directly from small producers. If this is the case, we can provide a suitable alternative.

A substitute will be something we consider equally good or better. We will always get in touch to discuss substitutions if necessary. In some cases, it may simply mean a brief delay in delivery.

Payment Options

We know weddings can be expensive, which is why we are happy to help and offer a pre-order deposit payment, so you can buy now for £60 and pay the remainder later.

The final payment is due 3 weeks before your delivery date.


We'll include a stand-up label that lists the cheese tiers and allergy information.

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