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Cheese Wedding Cakes For The Cheese-Loving Couple

When you think of weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a beautiful white cake. But more than a traditional wedding cake might be needed for couples who love cheese!

That’s why more and more engaged couples are turning to cheese wedding cakes as an alternative option.

These delicious works of art offer something special for any couple looking to make their big day just a little bit cheesier.

As a professional wedding planner, I understand how imperative it is to make your day memorable, especially regarding food.

Cheese wedding cakes are our speciality: each cheese wheel is unique and made with love by experienced fromages.


You can choose from hundreds of varieties or one of our many pre-built designs, No matter what you pick. We guarantee an unforgettable experience that will leave you and your guests wanting more!

Cheese wedding cakes provide a unique twist on tradition while still maintaining all the romance and intimacy associated with getting married.


From creamy blue cheeses like our Lancashire Blue to Old Smokey, a mature cheddar cheese that has been oak-smoked, there’s something for everyone at this cheese-lovers paradise - so let us help you bring the flavour of your dreams into reality!


Types of Cheese Used in Wedding Cakes

When it comes to cheese wedding cake, there are so many options. We can create a cheese-themed savoury dessert that caters to your love of cheese and pleases your guests!


From an array of soft cheeses like Brie, cream cheese, blue cheese or Wensleydale and Cranberry for tiers that look striking in presentation – we have endless ideas to make this special day even more memorable.

You can also add a personal touch with creative decorations made from different cheeses.


Have fun playing with shapes and varieties, including our Neufchatel Heart, a heart-shaped French cheese with a white bloomy rind in Normandy that is sometimes compared to Camembert but with a saltier, sharper taste...


You can create something extraordinary for your big day with all these choices! And now, let’s dive deeper into why having a cheese-themed wedding cake might be beneficial...


Benefits of Having a Cheese Wedding Cake

Having a cheese wedding cake for your special day can benefit the happy couple. For one, it adds extra excitement and creativity that a traditional white-frosted cake cannot provide.

With the addition of cheeses from around the world, you can create a unique menu item that all your guests will love and remember forever - not to mention a great talking point!

Here are some other advantages of having a cheese wedding cake:

  • A variety of flavours – From mild cheddar to sharp blue cheese, you’ll find something for everyone on your guest list.
  • Unique presentation – Most Cheesemongers offer extraordinary designs with many tiers or shapes that make your cake stand out in any room.
  • Long-lasting flavour – Cheese cakes stay moist longer than regular cakes, so they won’t dry quickly after serving.
  • Cost savings – Depending on where you purchase them. Cheese cakes may be much more budget-friendly than traditional ones.
  • Stress-free order process– Since most cheese-mongers specialise in providing these cakes, you don’t have to worry about mess-ups like you could do if putting a cake together yourself.

With all the amazing benefits of having a cheese wedding cake, who wouldn’t want one?


Not only is it delicious and visually stunning, but it is also cost-effective.


Plus, you get peace of mind knowing that your dessert selection will surely wow every guest at your event.


And speaking of toppings…


Let’s talk about popular options for decorating cheese wedding cakes!


Popular Cheese Wedding Cake Toppings

A cheesy cake-top is the cherry on top of any cheese wedding cake.


Creating a charming melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece for your big day can be a match made in heaven!


With so many delicious options, deciding on one topping can feel daunting. As an experienced wedding planner, I’m here to help you select the best possible toppings for your special day.

From pungent blue cheeses to creamy Brie and gouda, plenty of flavoursome fillings will truly tantalise your taste buds. Added nuts like walnuts or hazelnuts give a unique crunchy texture which pairs wonderfully with sweetness from honeycomb or fruit compote.


You can also opt for savoury accompaniments such as olives or meat slices - these will add depth and dimension to your cheese wedding cake.

To ensure that your chosen flavours blend seamlessly, why not create small tasters beforehand? This way, you’ll know exactly what combination works best before committing to something bigger scale.


With careful consideration and creative flair, finding the perfect pairing has never been easier!


Tips For Decorating A Cheese Wedding Cake

Decorating a cheese wedding cake for the special couple is like assembling a beautiful art piece. With careful planning and thought, you can craft an exquisite edible centrepiece that will be remembered long after the celebration ends!

Here are some tips to make it perfect:

  1. Pull inspiration from the couple’s personalities - incorporate colours or decorations that reflect the unique style of the wedding.
  2. Incorporate the odd local cheese into your design. Adding elements of the couples’ home country or city with speciality cheeses they love is always lovely.
  3. Layer flavours – Add different kinds of cheese to create interesting flavour combinations on each tier.

The beauty of decorating a cheese wedding cake is that there isn’t a wrong way to do it; get creative and let yourself have fun piecing together this masterpiece!

Now that we’ve gone over how to decorate a cheese wedding cake perfectly let’s move on to making one...


How To Make A Cheese Wedding Cake

Are you ready to learn the art of putting a cheese wedding cake together?


Its combination of savoury and sweet notes will surely be an unforgettable centrepiece for your special day.


Let me guide you through the process with these simple steps!

Rhetorical device: Metaphor - Crafting this one-of-a-kind cake will be like sculpting a masterpiece.

For crafting the perfect cheese wedding cake, consider these tips:

  • Choosing quality cheeses – finding creamy, flavourful varieties that pair well together is key to success.
  • Consider different textures – adding crunchy nuts or fruits can make all the difference in texture on the plate and palette.
  • Incorporate decorations – edible flowers are beautiful ways to adorn the cake surface.
  • Get creative with flavours – bold spices or unique herbs that can bring complexity and depth to your creation.

Getting the correct amount of cheese can be the most daunting task. How much cheese does someone actually eat...


From our experience as a guide, we usually suggest that cheese wedding cakes are made up to 100-150g of cheese per head at an average cost of around £2.00 per head. To make this process even easier for customers, we’ve crafted 30+ pre-made cheese wedding cakes you look at and select the best size for how many guests and just order!

These components come together to form a delicious treat that’s fit for any newlyweds who love their cheese! With careful consideration and attention to detail, you’ll have crafted a memorable confectionary experience for everyone involved.

Now that we’ve discussed how to make a cheese wedding cake let’s explore some delightful alternatives…


Cheese Wedding Cake Alternatives

Planning a wedding is about creating memories that last forever. For cheese-loving couples, there’s nothing more special than adding their favourite food. But what if you’re unsure how to make a cheese wedding cake?


Don’t worry!


Plenty of wonderful alternatives to traditional cakes can still satisfy your craving for cheesy goodness on your big day!

From customised charcuterie boards to delicious fondue fountains, there are many creative ways to add cheesy fun to your wedding celebration without having to go through all the trouble of baking an elaborate cake.


A charcuterie board with speciality cheeses, meats and nuts creates an interesting visual display while providing guests something unique and tasty.


Fondue fountains bring out everyone’s inner child as they dip various fruits and snacks into melted cheese or chocolate - it doesn’t get much better!


And don’t forget about mini grilled cheese sandwiches – easy enough for even the most novice chef, but still deliciously nostalgic.

Whatever you choose for your event, these alternatives will help ensure that your wedding is remembered by all who attend… and give them just one more reason why love does have a flavour!


Creative Cheese Wedding Cake Ideas

Did you know that the average couple can spend about £300 on their wedding cake?


But for cheese-loving couples, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Plenty of creative and delicious alternatives exist for cheese wedding cakes.

Let’s explore some of those options!


From wheels of Brie topped with florals to mini cheesecakes layered with fresh berries, there is no shortage of delicious ideas to make your special day even more memorable.


Not only will these cakes look amazing, but they also offer a wealth of flavour combinations sure to tantalise any palate.


Plus, if you’re looking for something completely outside the box, why not try serving an array of artisanal cheeses instead?


This can provide a fun way to sample different varieties while staying within your budget.

Adding a personal touch can help make your cake stand out from all the rest, no matter what kind of cheesy confectionary masterpiece you decide on.


Whether you’re using family recipes or dressing up each tier with edible decorations like gourmet olives and cured meats – get creative and let your imagination take flight! With some planning and preparation, you can serve up a one-of-a-kind dessert perfect for celebrating your big day.

There are so many advantages to working with professional cheese-mongers that can elevate your experience.


Let’s move on now and discover some benefits of hiring them for your upcoming nuptials.


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Cheesemonger

When it comes to wedding cakes, there is nothing quite like the experience of having a professional cake maker at your service. They bring with them years of expertise and skill and can also help you create a beautiful masterpiece that you will remember for many years.

The benefits of hiring a professional cheesemonger cake maker extend beyond just creating an exquisite piece of art; they also have access to high-quality cheese wheels they can order.


Furthermore, their knowledge and experience mean that they understand exactly what needs to be done to ensure the cake looks gorgeous on the big day.


They’ll work with you from start to finish to handle everything smoothly without surprises!

TIP: When selecting a Cheesemonger, ask about their portfolio and references first - this way, you know you’re working with someone recommended by others who knows how to make all your dreams come true!


Cheese Wedding Cake Pricing and Serving Size Guide

The thought of a cheese wedding cake may seem intimidating. Still, it can be an incredibly special way to celebrate the big day. Not only is it sure to please any cheese-loving couple, but a professional cake maker can help create something unique that will make a lasting impression on your guests. Here are some benefits you’ll get when you hire a pro:


  1. Expert guidance in combining flavours and textures
  2. High-quality cheese, either locally sourced or internally acclaimed
  3. Guidance in choosing appropriate serving sizes
  4. Creative design ideas beyond what’s available in grocery stores

When approaching the pricing and serving size guide for your cheese wedding cake, there are several factors to consider - the number of guests, the complexity of design and flavour selection, etc.


A wedding planner helps consider all these details with expertise and knowledge of trends. This means you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your special day!


Moreover, they’ll provide clear expectations around costs associated with the cheese wheels, delivery charges and labour fees so that everything is transparent from the start.


Cheese Wedding Cake Inspiration Gallery

No cheese-loving couple should be without the most delicious wedding cake!


To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a gallery of some of our favourite cheese wedding cakes.


From towering tiers and classic shapes to modern designs that can’t help but make an impression, there’s something here for every taste and style.

These unique creations will surely add a special touch to your big day. We understand how significant it is for everything - from the dress to the venue - to come together perfectly on your wedding day, so we take the utmost care to create the right design for each of our couples. Whether you have an exact vision or need us to guide you through the process, rest assured that all will be considered when crafting your dream cheese wedding cake.



No wedding is complete without the perfect cake.


And for a couple in love with cheese, there’s nothing more delicious than having a custom-made cheese wedding cake!


From creamy Brie to tangy blue cheese, these cakes offer endless possibilities for flavour and texture that will leave your guests wanting more.


With their unique look and delectable taste, these eye-catching creations are sure to be one of the highlights of your special day.

My team can help you plan every detail of your dream cheese wedding cake. This includes selecting the types of cheese best suited to creating stunning designs and decorations that capture your style perfectly. We understand this momentous event for you, so we carelessly craft an unforgettable experience tailored to your needs.

For couples looking for something unique for their big day, let's create something special – a beautiful and savoury masterpiece made just for them.


Cheese wedding cakes are perfect for showing off your creativity while indulging your savoury teeth and cheesy cravings!

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