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The History and Evolution of Cheese Wedding Cakes

As the saying goes, one cannot have their cake and eat it too - but what if you could?

As a professional wedding planner, I am here to tell you that you can have your cheese and eat it too!

Cheese Wedding Cakes have been around since Victorian times when they were first presented at weddings as an 'unusual' addition. These days, however, these delectable creations are the height of sophistication for any discerning bride.

Nothing says 'romance' like a multi-tiered tower of artisan cheeses artfully arranged to celebrate the two becoming one. Whether it be Gouda, Brie, Camembert or Blue Stilton - no matter the selection - each tier bursts with flavour, as mouthwatering aromas fill the air. The combination of carefully selected textures and flavours offers something truly unique for every guest to enjoy, creating memories to last a lifetime.

A Cheese Wedding Cake is more than just a spectacle - it's an experience to savour. Each slice brings guests closer together through conversation and laughter over shared tastes and stories, making this timeless tradition even more special on such a momentous occasion.


Origins of Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes are a truly unique and delicious way to celebrate a special day. They have been around for centuries, made from hundreds of cheeses and in every imaginable shape. A symbol of marriage and love, these delightful creations evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia, making them a wonderful addition to any ceremony or reception.

The ancient Greeks were the first people to make cheese wedding cakes. Cheese wedding cakes were thought to bring good luck and prosperity to newlyweds. Cakes are often decorated with ribbons or flowers to symbolise fertility and abundance. They are also frequently served alongside traditional wedding foods like honey cakes, breads, and wine.

As a professional wedding planner, I'm no stranger to the history and evolution of cheese wedding cakes.

From humble beginnings like simple round tiers with just one type of cheese to contemporary concoctions involving multiple cheese wheels arranged in intricate designs - each cake is crafted with care by skilled artisans who understand the importance of this milestone event.

Various shapes, sizes, textures, and flavours can be achieved by combining different kinds of cheese. This makes it an incredibly versatile option for couples looking for something extra special on their big day.


Types of Cheese Used for Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes have become the pinnacle of celebration for many engaged couples in recent years! With more and more people opting to make their special day even sweeter with this delicious twist on a classic, it's no wonder cheese has made its way into so many nuptial desserts. Let's explore all that makes these decadent treats so extraordinary:

The cheese used to craft these scrumptious confections is nothing short of astonishing! From creamy Brie wedged between layers of moist vanilla cake to sharp cheddar mixed with sweet liqueurs atop fluffy angel food – there is something for everyone regarding cheesecake flavours.


Here are 3 examples from our pre-made cheese wedding cake collection of some show-stopping combinations you can choose from when planning your big day.


1. Eva Cheese Wedding Cake

This four-layer Eva cheese wedding cake serves 45-65 people. 

  • Top Layer – Godminster Cheddar Heart. It is delicious, creamy, salty-sweet flavoured organic vintage cheddar encased in burgundy wax. 
  • The Third Layer – French Brie. Mild, mould-ripened Brie from the Vosges with hints of hazelnut and a milky flavour. 
  • Bottom Layer – Blue Stilton. There are distinct blue veins throughout the whole cheese of this creamy blue Stilton.


2. Vickie Cheese Wedding Cake

A four-layer Vickie cheese wedding cake serves 65-95 people.

  • Top Layer – Langres. Despite its smooth paste, this cheese has a wrinkled outer texture.
  • The Second Layer – Cornish Blue. There is a complex range of flavours in this mould-rinded blue cheese, balanced by the blue tone. It leaves a buttery, tangy aftertaste.
  • The Third Layer – Snowdonia Black Bomber. Multi-award-winning Black Bomber Cheddar has become a modern classic. The flagship cheese combines rich flavours with a creamy texture, lasting long on the palate but remaining addictively delicious!
  • Bottom Layer – Wensleydale and Cranberry. Featuring pieces of moist cranberries flecked throughout Wensleydale cheese, this cheese is sweet and fruity.

3. Antonietta Cheese Wedding Cake

A 7-layer Antonietta cheese wedding cake serves 130-180 people.

  • Top Layer Lancashire Blue. Two-time winner of the Best Blue Cheese in the UK at the International Cheese Awards. Lancashire Blue is soft and creamy, using milk from our pedigree Holstein cows.
  • The Second Layer – Brillat Saverin. The cheese is milky and mild, with a velvety texture and a hint of lemon. There is something luscious, creamy, and faintly sour about this triple cream Brie.
  • The Third Layer – Old Smokey. A mature cheddar cheese that has been oak-smoked. Black wax is applied after the oak is gently smoked to develop a subtle smoky flavour.
  • Fourth Layer – Danish Blue. Castello blue cheese is a crumbly blue cheese from Denmark. The cheese is tangy, creamy, and crumbly at the same time.
  • The Fifth Layer – Camembert Rustique. Camembert cheese is a creamy, soft cheese made in Normandy by Le Rustique, a well-known French cheese brand.
  • Sixth Layer – Wensleydale and Cranberry. The cheese is laced with pieces of moist cranberries, creating a fruity, sweet taste.#
  • Bottom Layer – Mature Cheddar. For a wedding cake base, mature cheddar is cut to shape.


These divine delights will impress your guests while adding a memorable touch to your one-of-a-kind occasion. Whether you're looking for something subtle or bold, traditional or daring – cheese wedding cakes offer limitless options that guarantee each cake is as original as the couple. With such tantalising flavours, why not take advantage and treat yourselves (and your guests!) to something extra special? Onwards we go to explore the next layer...


The popularity of Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes are a unique and delicious trend taking the world of weddings by storm! From classic sharp cheddar to creamy Brie, cheese wedding cakes have quickly become one of the most cherished customs for couples on their special day.

The popularity of these cheesy creations has skyrocketed in recent years due to their ability to provide every couple with an unforgettable experience. Whether you're looking for a traditional, rustic design or something more modern and contemporary – a multi-tiered cake composed entirely of cheese can be crafted to fit any style.

Not only do they look stunning as part of your reception spread, but they also offer guests something truly memorable - not just in terms of flavour and texture but also visually.

At this point, there's no doubt that cheese wedding cakes are changing how we think about dessert at weddings - so let's take some time now to explore our options when it comes to designing them...


Designing Cheese Wedding Cakes

Designing cheese wedding cakes is an art form — a delectable canvas for the baker and a taste of joy for the couple. It goes without saying that it's something to be taken seriously!

As a professional wedding planner, I'm here to ensure your cake looks as delicious as it tastes.

From selecting the right cheeses, choosing complimentary accompaniments to consider presentation, and even discussing which type of flowers will best accentuate its beauty, getting creative with cheese wedding cakes can be exciting and challenging.


The possibilities are endless; you could opt for one large wheel encircled by lush foliage or several smaller wheels arranged in tiers atop each other – whatever fits your vision, you'll find cheese makes a delicious base from which to create remarkable works of edible art!

We turn imagination into reality when designing these masterpieces of flavour – so don't let yourself get overwhelmed; there's nothing more rewarding than watching our clients' dreams come alive on their big day. With careful planning and attention to detail, we'll ensure your guests leave with fond memories that last long after they've finished the final slice.


Next, let's explore some of the challenges of making cheese wedding cakes.


Challenges in Making Cheese Wedding Cakes

What perfect timing! We now discuss the challenges of making cheese wedding cakes, just when we're beginning to understand what makes them so unique.

Cheese cakes had existed for centuries before they were ever used as wedding cake tiers. As a professional wedding planner, the challenge of creating this modern-day masterpiece lies in baking an exquisite cake and crafting it into something worthy of being part of your special day.

The most important thing is finding the right balance between texture, flavour and presentation. The difficulty with using cheese as a base ingredient is getting it soft enough to form into layers without becoming too gooey or crumbly.

Making sure each tier looks seamless requires skilled artistry from our cheese makers; plus, presenting one large cake rather than individual slices means taking extra precautions to ensure food safety compliance. It's a labour of love, but well worth it when we see how joyous couples look on their big day surrounded by such beauty.

Onwards and upwards towards decorating these delicious creations...


Decorating Cheese Wedding Cakes

Crafting a cheese wedding cake is an art all its own, with the baker weaving together colours and textures like a painter creating a masterpiece. Decorating these cakes can be a challenge that requires creativity, precision and patience.

First and foremost, the cake should match the couple's theme or colour palette for their big day. This could include choosing edible flowers to create an organic look or playing up bright hues to make it appear bolder.

Decorations should also bring out the flavour of the cheese - adding herbs such as rosemary or thyme on top of brie wedges can add subtle notes, while crumbled blue cheese atop gouda slices creates a contrast between sweet and savoury flavours.

We love using different cheeses to form patterns, such as stars or hearts!

For something less traditional, consider carving shapes into larger wheels of hard cheese; we've heard stories about couples who have carved names into wheels of cheddar for a truly unique touch.

Overall, decorating your cheese wedding cake should extend beyond mere aesthetics. Each element adds more texture and flavour to an already delicious creation that will leave guests talking long after they take off their party hats!


Serving Cheese Wedding Cakes

Serving cheese wedding cakes at weddings has become a popular trend. According to recent research, nearly 70% of couples prefer cheese wedding cakes over traditional dessert options.

As a professional wedding planner, I'm here to guide you through the process of serving this delectable treat!

Your cake must look as delicious and eye-catching as possible when displaying it. This can be done by adding fresh fruit or edible flowers around its base.

Additionally, consider decorating with special products such as fig jam or honeycomb. The results will make your cake look inviting and alluring for any celebration.

It's also wise to choose cheeses that pair well together to complement one another on the plate.

Consider exploring different textures and flavour profiles when selecting specific types of cheese; some may be mild, while others may be more robust.

To complete the presentation, add accompaniments like crackers, baguettes, grapes, nuts or olives, enhancing each slice's unique taste profile even further. With these tips in mind, your guests will certainly enjoy sampling and savouring their share of cheesy goodness!


Benefits Of Cheese Wedding Cakes

When it comes to wedding cakes, there's nothing quite like a cheese cake. Not only is the flavour combination unforgettable, but they're also incredibly versatile and easily customisable. As a professional wedding planner, I can attest that couples with a cheese wedding cake are never disappointed!

The benefits of having such an amazing treat at your celebration don't end with taste.

Cheese cakes can be served any time during the day or night—from pre-ceremony to post-reception festivities—and unlike some traditional desserts, they won't melt in the sun or wilt away in the heat.

Plus, when you choose a variety of cheeses for your cake tiers, guests will experience all sorts of unique flavours throughout their meals.

With so many advantages packed into one delicious package, why not make your wedding memorable by adding a cheese cake?

Serving something special like this will leave you and your guests smiling from ear to ear.


Alternatives To Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes are the last thing that comes to mind when we think of weddings. But alas! It has become a trend for couples in love. A cheesy token of their commitment to each other and all things dairy. What's not to love?

However, many people just aren't feeling it when it comes time to cut into a wheel of Brie or a wedge of cheddar on their big day. Fear not – there are plenty of alternatives!


From traditional tiered cakes with cream-cheese frosting to vegan cheesecakes made without any actual cheese, you can still add a touch of creamy goodness without sacrificing your taste buds. Or why not make it sweet with something like an ice cream cake instead?

TIP: When trying brand-new flavours and textures at tastings, don't forget about the aroma – this will be one way to bring your special day alive. Get creative and explore different options until you find your heart's desires!


Trends In Cheese Wedding Cakes

In recent years, the trend of using cheese wedding cakes has gained traction. While many couples opt for alternatives such as cupcakes and doughnuts for their special day, many engaged couples turn to cheese instead. After all, who can deny the unique beauty of stacked artisanal cheeses?

The key to creating an eye-catching cake is combining different textures and flavours. For instance, try layering soft Brie with tangy blue cheese or creamy Camembert with sharp cheddar.


Add fruits like grapes or pears to your design to make it more visually appealing. And remember herbs! Sprinkling fresh basil leaves between each slice adds flavour and texture to make everyone talk.

No matter what you decide regarding ingredients, one thing's for sure: a cheese wedding cake is an unforgettable way to celebrate your big day.


With its versatility and endless possibilities, it's no wonder why this delicious treat has become so popular among brides and grooms alike.



The cheese wedding cake is a unique, delicious and memorable way to celebrate your special day. It can be the perfect addition to any celebration with the right ingredients and design.

Creating a cheese wedding cake is challenging and requires careful planning and attention to detail. But with an experienced wedding planner by your side, you can trust that their expertise will ensure that your dream of having a beautiful cheese wedding cake comes true.

At the end of the day, no matter what type of cake or other treats you choose for your big day, the most memorable thing is that you are surrounded by family and friends who share this special moment with you.


So let's make sure your cheese wedding cake is just as stunningly delicious as it tastes!

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