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Choosing The Right Size Cheese Wedding Cake For Your Wedding

When choosing the perfect cake for your big day, you may feel overwhelmed by the many options available.


But don't be intimidated - choosing one is simpler than you think.


You can create a beautiful centrepiece for your special day!


As an experienced wedding planner, I know there are certain considerations when selecting the right size cheese wedding cake for your wedding.

Choosing the right size cheese wedding cake how much it will cost.


Not all cakes are created equal - some are more expensive than others, and having a budget in mind can help narrow down what type of cake best suits your needs.


Of course, this doesn't mean just looking at price; quality should always come first!


After deciding on a budget, consider how many guests you'll have and which flavours they prefer so that everyone can enjoy their slice of deliciousness.

The next step is to visualise how the cake looks in person.


A simple way to do this is through images online or in magazines and by visiting local or online cheesemongers that specialise in these cakes.


Witnessing firsthand the vast array of sizes and shapes available makes it easier to imagine what would look best at your wedding reception!


With all these factors thoughtfully considered, you will soon find yourself with the perfect cheese wedding cake fit for your nuptials!


Calculating How Much Cheese You Need

When planning the perfect wedding, one of the most significant decisions you'll have to make is choosing a cheese wedding cake.


According to recent studies, approximately 70% of couples opt for a cheese wedding cake on their special day.


To ensure that your guests are well-fed and happy, choosing the right size cheese wedding cake is essential - but how do you do it?

Calculating how much cheese you need should be at the top of your list when deciding what size cake you want.


To start with, consider how many people will attend your big event.


After this, consider factors such as whether appetisers will be served beforehand and if there are any dietary restrictions among your guests.


Once these criteria have been considered, use a portion calculator designed specifically for catering events to determine how much cheese (in terms of weight) you'll require for an adequate amount of servings.


This step is absolutely crucial as having too little food can put a damper on any celebration!


As a guide, we usually suggest the cheese wedding cakes are made up to 100-150g of cheese per head at an average cost of around £2.00 per head.


Types of Cheese Wedding Cakes

Consider a few things when choosing the perfect cheese wedding cake for your special day.


From types of cheeses to size and servings, making sure you have all the details down is key.

Let's start by looking at the types of cheese cakes available:


  • Cheesecake - A classic option offering cream cheese layers with a cracker or pastry crust.
  • Baked Cheese Cake - Deliciously light and fluffy, these tasty treats can be customised with various flavoured creams and toppings.
  • Ricotta Cheese Cakes- These rich desserts offer an Italian twist on traditional wedding cakes, with creamy ricotta accounted for in a delicious custard base.
  • Cheese Cake Tower - For those who want something unique yet still elegant, cheese cake towers offers an earthy flavour profile in a savoury treat.


Just so we are all on the same page, here at The Cheese Wedding Cake Shop, we provide pre-designed Cheese Cake Towers (undecorated) and cheese wheels, so you can build your own tower.

Whatever type of cheese cake you choose, ensure it fits your party's needs and budget. Consider how many guests will attend before selecting the right size, so everyone gets their share of this delightful savoury dessert!


Selecting the Right Type of Cheese

You may wonder why cheese is the perfect choice for your wedding cake tower.


Well, believe it or not, various kinds of cheese can provide unique taste and texture combinations to create something truly special. In this step, we will help you select the right type of cheese for your one-of-a-kind creation.

As an experienced wedding planner, I have seen countless couples make their big day extra memorable with an exquisite cheese wedding cake.


From creamy brie to sharp cheddar, selecting the perfect type of cheese is key in creating a visually stunning centrepiece with tantalising flavours guests will love.


When picking out a cheese wheel, there's no wrong answer - just think about what flavour profile best suits your tastes! And don't forget, if you want something more classic like Swiss or gouda, those choices work great too!

Whatever option you choose, selecting the correct type of cheese is essential in crafting a remarkable experience at your wedding. Your wedding day should be delicious, so let's find the ideal cheesy treat!


With over 90 cheeses to choose from, with us you can create your own special bespoke cheese wedding cake that suits you and your guests. Make your cake as small or as large as you need.


Decorating Your Cheese Wedding Cake

Decorating your cheese wedding cake is an enjoyable and fun step in planning your special day. It's a chance to show off your personality, all while giving guests something delicious to look forward to!


With the right decorations, you can create art that makes everyone smile from ear to ear.

First, pick out the colours. Start by choosing one or two main hues for your design. You can then add other shades as needed to bring everything together. Once you have settled on the colour scheme, think about what type of decoration would best fit it.


So many options are available - flowers, ribbons, lace, edible gold leaf – whatever suits you and your partner's style.

Don't forget to include some extra touches like candles or lights around the base of the cake too!


These final details will put the finishing touches on this stunning centrepiece and take it up a notch.

Now that you've covered the basics, let's move on to serving sizes for cheese wedding cakes...


Serving Sizes For Cheese Wedding Cakes

Oh, the joy of selecting the right size cheese wedding cake!


It's such an exciting step in planning your big day.


When it comes to serving sizes for cheese wedding cakes, there are so many options that you can choose from – and each one will make a majestic statement at your celebration.

You have complete freedom when deciding how much cheese cake is needed to satisfy your guests. A good rule of thumb is that every guest should be served 100-150g pieces of cheese per head.


So if you're expecting 50 people, the total weight of the cheese would be more than 2.5kg and less than 3.8kg. This would be enough for everyone to enjoy.


However, plan on having some extra slices available just in case someone wants seconds!

It's also wise to factor in any dietary restrictions or special requests before finalising the amount of cheese cake you need. And don't forget about those delicious leftovers - they'll make fantastic late-night snacks… keep an eye out for any mice scurrying around!


The next step towards creating a perfect cheesy masterpiece is choosing the right size of wedding cake – let's dive deeper into this process now.


Choosing the Right Size Cheese Wedding Cake

Choosing the right size cheese wedding cake for your special day is like finding a needle in a haystack.


Knowing what cake size in weight and number tiers will fit perfectly into your theme can be difficult with so many options available.


As an experienced wedding planner, I'm here to guide you through selecting the most appropriate size cheese wedding cake for your big day!

When considering cake size, consider how much room you have in your reception space. Consider also how many guests you plan on having at the event.


If you expect more than 100 people, but less than, say, 120, then you'll find choosing 3-5 different sized cheese wheels will make an impressive looking cake. 

This way, your guests can enjoy a piece without feeling overwhelmed by an overly large cake. Additionally, if you plan on using other desserts, such as cupcakes or pies, at your celebration, consider opting for a smaller-sized cake that won't compete with those treats.

On top of this, pay attention to what flavours pair with each layer of cheese - coordinate them accordingly, depending on whether you want bold or subtle tastes throughout the entire dessert experience.


You may even opt for different sizes within each tier, adding visual interest while allowing everyone to get their fill of delicious cheese-filled goodness.

Ultimately, there's no wrong answer when choosing the right size cheese wedding cake: make sure that whatever decision fits perfectly with your venue layout and flavour preferences!


Just bear in mind the overall weight of the cake, and consider what cheese wheels will sit on top of each other without falling over or sinking a softer cheese. 


Now let's explore how choosing the right type of cheese wedding cake for your theme and colour palette can bring everything together beautifully!


Choose the Right Cheese Wedding Cake for Your Theme

Choosing the right cheese wedding cake for your theme is like completing a jigsaw puzzle - all the pieces matter and come together to form one beautiful image.


As a professional wedding planner, I understand that each couple has a unique vision for planning the perfect day.


That's why selecting a cheese wedding cake tailored to your specific theme can be an exciting challenge!

When deciding what type of cheese to choose from, consider how subtle or bold you want your statement piece to be.


Do you prefer something more classical, such as Brie with edible flowers? Or would you rather go for something more dramatic, like blue cheese?


So many options are available, whether you're going for traditional elegance or modern chic.


Don't forget about flavours; adding herbs or spices will make any ordinary cheese special.

No matter which type of cheese wedding cake you decide on - whether soft and creamy or hard and sharp—your guests won't soon forget its deliciousness!


After picking out the perfect slice for your special day, check out my next section on storing and transporting your dreamy creation.


Storing and Transporting Your Cheese Wedding Cake

Storing and transporting your cheese wedding cake is important for any bride-to-be. Have you ever heard the saying, 'you can't make a great cake without using the right ingredients'?


Well, that same logic applies when selecting storage options for your cheese wedding cake too!


The truth of this theory is especially pertinent if you are planning an outdoor event or travelling with the cake.

While there's not a single solution that fits every type of wedding celebration, here are some tips from a professional wedding planner on how to store and transport your special day centrepiece:


First, consider carefully what kind of packaging will suitably protect the cake during transit - something sturdy enough to keep it safe but not so bulky it won't fit in your car.


Use insulated materials such as bubble wrap or foam sheets to help insulate against temperature changes.


Finally, determine if refrigeration facilities are available at your venue before storing the cake until serving time.

By following these steps and taking extra precautions regarding storage and transportation, you'll ensure that your beautiful cheese wedding cake arrives safely at its destination. This will enable you to wow guests with its flavour and presentation.

Some cheeses are better served at room temperature, so they do need some time to warm up if they have been in cold storage for some time.


Topping Options For Cheese Wedding Cakes

Picture the day of your wedding--you, surrounded by love and all eyes on you. Topping off this perfect picture is a beautiful cheese wedding cake that perfectly suits your tastes.


Whether you opt for delicate cream cheese roses or an extravagant brie bouquet, there are so many topping options!

Let's explore some delicious possibilities, from classic sprinkles of cranberries and walnuts to more inventive combinations like figs.


If you're feeling daring, a selection of artisanal cheeses arranged in bright bursts can be just the thing to add zest to your celebration.


Or perhaps a few sprigs of herbs will bring out the subtle flavours of feta? Countless ideas are available to create something unique and special for your big day.

No matter what topping options for cheese cakes you decide on, one thing is certain: they'll be delicious! With these considerations in mind, let's move on to cost considerations for cheese wedding cakes...


Cost Considerations For Cheese Wedding Cakes

When budgeting for a cheese wedding cake, the sky's the limit!


According to research by WeddingWire, couples in 2020 will spend an average of £310 on their cake. However, several cost considerations can help you decide how much to allocate to your cheesecake masterpiece.

First and foremost, consider the size of the cake needed. The more guests attending your wedding, the larger the cake will need to be - this affects both price and shelf-life if any leftovers remain after the big day.


Additionally, think about where you would like to purchase the cheese from; local producers often incur fewer costs than purchasing products from distant locations or speciality stores.


Finally, determine whether you want your cake decorated with flowers or other decorations; these additional elements also come with a cost that should factor into your overall budget for your cheese wedding cake.

As a professional wedding planner, I strongly recommend considering all of these factors before making any final decisions regarding expenditure. Discuss details with potential vendors ahead of time to ensure no surprise expenses arise during the planning stages.


Also, ask for an itemised quote based on what was discussed. Ultimately, when carefully weighing all associated costs alongside personal preferences, it's easy to find exactly what fits within one's desired budget range.


This allows one to create something truly special and unique!



Congratulations on choosing a cheese wedding cake for your big day!


Selecting the right size and type of cheese can be a tricky task.


Even so, careful consideration and planning will result in an unforgettable selection.

When it comes to decorating your cake, there are many options available. There is something for everyone, from simple decorations like edible flowers to complex designs that evoke a certain theme.


Don't forget the topping options, too - from honeycomb pieces to olives. You'll find plenty of delicious accompaniments.

Finally, cost considerations should not be forgotten when selecting the perfect cheese wedding cake.


Prices will vary depending on the ingredients used, so research beforehand to ensure you get the best value for money. With all these elements in mind, you will surely have a beautiful and tasty addition to your special day.

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