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The Benefits of Choosing a Cheese Wedding Cake For Your Big Day

Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding cake?


If so, consider a cheese wedding cake!

A recent survey shows that 80% of couples who chose a cheese wheel wedding cake instead of the classic white frosted tiers were very pleased with their decision.

Having been in the business of helping make special days even more perfect for over a decade, I can attest to this trend and all its benefits.

Choosing a cheese wheel as your wedding cake is memorable and has practical advantages. It provides something different from what other couples have done before and comes at an attractive price compared to some traditional cakes.


Plus, there are endless possibilities for presentation and flavour combinations—allowing you to customise your big-day experience perfectly.

As a professional wedding planner, I'm here to help you plan your dream day while keeping an eye on budget concerns.

And if you're considering adding some cheesy goodness to your celebration - look no further:

Today, we will explore why choosing a cheese wheel cake could be the right choice for your big day!


What is a Cheese Wedding Cake?

Planning the perfect wedding cake ensures your big day is truly special. Did you know that many couples now choose cheese as their main dessert option?


That's right – cheese wedding cakes can unforgettably take centre stage and have been gaining popularity over recent years.

When picking the ideal cake for your big day, there are many reasons a cheese wedding cake could be the best choice!


Not only does this delicious treat provide ample opportunity for creativity, but guests will also love indulging in something unique.

From rustic wheels of brie to 3-tiered towers of cheddar, goat's cheese or blue vein - all with fresh figs, nuts and berries.


These creations look stunning on tablescapes while providing a flavour explosion that everyone will enjoy.

As well as adding visual appeal and tantalising taste buds, opting for such an unusual yet classic menu item gives you endless possibilities for styling the rest of your event.


The cheese wheels make a fantastic centrepiece with just enough 'wow factor' before being served up at the end of the night (or earlier if you want!).


How To Choose the Right Cheese For Your Cake

When planning your dream wedding, choosing the right menu can be a daunting task.


However, if you opt for a cheese wedding cake, you'll hit the nail on the head!


It's time to take things up a notch and dive into how to pick out the most delicious cheeses for your special day.

First, consider what type of flavours will please your guests' palates.


Various mild kinds of cheese, like a French Brie from Vosges with hints of hazelnut and a milky flavour. or Gouda, are always a safe bet for pleasing everyone in attendance. We use the Vandersterre Belle de Hollande Gouda which is a mild Dutch cheese. Despite its mild flavour and smooth texture, this cheese has slight nuttiness.


If you want something more daring that still brings an element of sophistication, then try opting for blue cheese varieties such as Blue Stilton or Roquefort. These cheeses bring bold flavour profiles that pair perfectly with sweet fruits like grapes and apples.

To select the ideal combination for your big day, consider asking for advice from experienced food professionals who specialise in pairing food together. This way, you can rest assured that your chosen spread will delight even the most discerning palate!


Pros Of A Cheese Wedding Cake

It's easy to see why cheese wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they provide an impressive show-stopper, but they also offer several unique advantages that make them stand out from other types of cake. Here are the top three pros of a cheese wedding cake:

  • Cheese cake offers an unexpected alternative to traditional wedding desserts, adding intrigue and creativity to your special day.
  • The presentation is second to none – beautiful towers and tiers of cheese create stunning centrepieces for your guests to admire and enjoy!
  • With careful curation, you can create a bespoke menu featuring different cheeses with varying levels of flavour and intensity – suitable for couples who want something extraordinary for their big day.

Cheese wedding cakes have many benefits - greater freedom in design and style, a creative flair for flavours, and even cost savings! Regarding budgeting, a cheese cake is often more affordable than its sweet counterparts due to fewer ingredients in the creation process.


Cost Savings for a Cheese Wedding Cake

When it comes to weddings, there are many ways couples can save money without compromising on their special day. One of the most effective and cost-effective options is choosing a cheese wedding cake - an increasingly popular trend among modern brides and grooms.

Take, for example, my recent client, who wanted to create an elegant yet affordable celebration that wouldn't break the bank. After listening to her vision, I suggested incorporating a stunning selection of artisan cheeses instead of a traditional tiered confection. My suggestion was met with enthusiasm as she realised how much she could save time and money by selecting this unique option over ordering from a bakery.

Aside from being more budget-friendly than standard cakes, cheese wedding cakes can also be tailored specifically to each couple's tastes. From creamy brie to mature cheddar, your guests will appreciate your event's delicious assortment of flavours! Plus, you won't have to worry about having leftovers since every guest will want seconds (or thirds!) when they experience these delectable treats.


Serving Considerations For A Cheese Wedding Cake

A cheese wedding cake symbolises the coming together of two people - it represents unity and joy. As you consider this option for your big day, there are a few things to keep in mind that will ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

When selecting a cheese wedding cake, consider how many guests you'll have attending your celebration and choose accordingly.


Consider including smaller servings so everyone can try different flavours or larger portions if desired.


Also, include accompaniments like crackers or fruits, which pair well with the cheeses served.


Further, you can provide condiments such as honey, jam, chutney, and nuts for more flavour profiles.

Your caterer should be able to help guide you through these decisions. They should be able to offer advice on what types of cheese would work best with each other based on their expertise in food pairing.


Could you take advantage of their knowledge?


With careful thought into the selection and presentation process, your guests will enjoy a delicious slice (or two) of decadent cheesy goodness during your special occasion.


Decorating A Cheese Wedding Cake

It's almost as if fate has brought us to this point; while planning your wedding, you've encountered a delicious decision - should you choose a cheese wedding cake? While there are many alternatives, the benefits of adding some dairy goodness to your big day are undeniable.

Of course, there's more than choosing the type of cake for your special occasion. Decorating a cheese wedding cake can be one of the most exciting and creative parts of preparing for the ceremony.


Depending on how extravagant or simple you'd like it to look, there are countless ways in which you can embellish it with icing, flowers, or even carving designs into its surface. You could also opt for something as minimalistic as drizzling honey over it or sprinkling fresh herbs before serving.


Whatever design ideas you decide upon will add an extra layer of elegance and charm that won't go unnoticed by guests!


Cheese Wedding Cake Alternatives

Having your dream wedding day is about making memories that will last a lifetime. Choosing the perfect centrepiece for your big day can be daunting, but there are more options than you may think!


Cheese wedding cakes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason - they offer an elegant yet intimate opportunity for couples seeking something unique for their special day.

When it comes to cheese wedding cake alternatives, the possibilities are endless. From decadent charcuterie boards to show-stopping tiers of speciality cheeses, here are just some of the ideas that could make your celebration truly unforgettable:


  1. An artisanal cheese platter consisting of handmade selections from local creameries
  2. A personalised grazing table featuring items like olives, jams, crostini and house-made pickles
  3. Creative combinations of soft and hard cheeses arranged in a striking display

Your guests won't soon forget the delicious flavours or stunning presentation of these creative alternatives to traditional cakes.


Pairing them with perfectly matched wines or craft beers adds a delightful touch while amplifying the flavour experience. With such an array of delectable offerings, choosing one as the centre point of your wedding couldn't be easier!


Now let's create the perfect pairings for a cheese wedding cake...


Perfect Pairings with a Cheese Wedding Cake

At this point, you've likely decided to have a cheese wedding cake. But do you know what's served alongside your cheese cake can make or break its presentation?


It's true!


Pairing the right ingredients with your menu selection will help bring out the unique flavours of each cheese and enhance the overall experience.

First, fruits like figs, apples, pears and grapes are delicious accompaniments to any cheese.


Choose between sweet or tart varieties for balance and contrast in flavour, depending on your preference. Various nuts, such as pecans, hazelnuts or walnuts, add crunch and texture while enhancing their natural sweetness when lightly roasted.


Honey pairs nicely, too – try drizzling it over semi-soft goat cheese or brie for an extra special touch. Fresh herbs also offer a pop of colour and flavour; think basil leaves sprinkled atop creamy ricotta cheese topped with sun-dried tomatoes for a delightful medley of tastes and textures.

Once you decide on the perfect pairing for your delicious masterpiece, then comes storing and transporting your creation safely until it reaches its destination - guests' bellies included!


Tips for Storing and Transporting a Cheese Wedding Cake

Organising a wedding can feel like running an ultramarathon. But with the right tips and tricks, storing and transporting your cheese wedding cake will be as easy as pie!

When transporting such a delicate savoury dessert, you want to make sure that it remains as beautiful as possible.


To guarantee its safe arrival at the venue, take extra precautions when packing your cheese wheel or stack of tantalisingly tasty cheeses.


Ensure they are well-wrapped in cling film and bubble wrap before being nestled into their boxes - this will help protect them from any bumps during transit.


Transport the cakes in several separate containers rather than one large box if possible; this ensures each layer is not jostling around and risking damage on the journey.

For storage, keep the cheeses in a cool place away from direct sunlight until shortly before serving - preferably no more than two hours prior so that they maintain their delicious flavour. Being made entirely of dairy products means that any spoilage could cause serious issues when cutting the cake.


So if you move it inside, make sure you have plenty of air conditioning and fans working to keep it cool! With these simple steps followed correctly, you'll have nothing to worry about except enjoying every cheesy bite of your delectable masterpiece!


Sourcing A Cheese Wedding Cake

Consider sourcing a cheese wedding cake for your big day at this stage in your wedding planning. If so, I'm here to help!


Finding the perfect cheese cake is an exciting process that requires careful consideration of flavour profiles and aesthetic appeal. While it might seem intimidating at first, the rewards of finding the right option will make all that effort and work worthwhile.

The first step is to research who supplies these cakes in your area or preferred delivery region.


Ask friends and family for any recommendations they have, or delve deep into online reviews from past customers. This will give you an idea of what's available and provide invaluable insights into how reliable those suppliers will probably be.


Once you've settled on the type of cake, you'd like – whether it's brie-based or something more decadent – get in touch with them directly to discuss their portfolio further and ensure they can deliver exactly what you need by your desired date.

Working with a professional supplier who understands the importance of good service and great-tasting produce should relieve much of the stress of ordering and transporting such an invaluable item.


With just a few simple steps, you can rest assured that your cheese wedding cake will be delivered safely and soundly in time for your special day - no matter where it needs to be delivered!



Choosing a cheese wedding cake for your big day will put you ahead in style and taste! Not only does it offer an impressive display, but it also comes with many practical benefits.


From cost savings to serving considerations, there's no doubt that choosing this unique type of cake can be both beautiful and economical.

With all the pros of a cheese wedding cake outlined above, what are you waiting for?


If you're looking for something special on your special day, look no further than a cheese wedding cake.


It'll provide memories that will last a lifetime - not just because of how delicious it tastes, but also because of its uniqueness and sophistication.


So make your dreams come true by investing in this amazing option!

At the end of the day, when planning your dream wedding, don't forget about a cheese wedding cake – I guarantee it won't disappoint!


With its stunning presentation and heavenly flavours, it's sure to be one memorable moment at any celebration.


Plus, when done right, everyone will talk about how delicious (and cheesy!) your dessert was long after they leave.

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