How To Choose The Perfect Flowers

The Best Florists For Your Wedding Day: How To Choose The Perfect Flowers

Picture it: your big day. The moment you've been planning and dreaming of for months.

It goes without saying that flowers are among the most significant elements of any wedding, aside from the couple themselves. They play an integral role in setting the tone and creating a romantic ambience for one of life's most memorable moments.

As such, selecting the right florist to bring your vision to life requires careful thought and consideration.

As a professional wedding planner with years of experience, I have enjoyed working with some exceptional florists. They have created stunning floral arrangements that have made my clients' dreams come true time and time again.

A bride holding a bouquet, representing the style of flowers

In this article, I will explore and provide tips for selecting the best florist for your wedding day.

From researching their portfolio to getting references from past customers, there are countless factors that you need to consider when searching for that apt match.

So, if you are ready to find out how to choose the right florist for your special day, then let's get started!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Florist

When choosing the most suitable florist for your wedding day, several factors must be considered. But note that selecting one can be challenging due to the type of flowers you'd like to use and the budget you have set aside.

Keep these considerations in mind to ensure your special day remains spectacular.

First, consider the style of flowers you'd like for your big day.

Do you prefer classic roses or unique wildflowers?

Would an array of bright colours blend in with your venue?

Or is a single-tone colour scheme more appropriate? Take some time to reflect on what looks would work best for your wedding and ensure that any florist you choose can provide this.

4 Brides Holding Different types of flowers or bouquets, showcasing various styles

Next up is the budget. Before searching for potential florists, consider how much money you have allocated for flowers and let this guide your search. If possible, visit a few local flower shops in person to explore the different price points available before committing.

Finally, consider the atmosphere and ambience you want to create on your wedding day.

Ask yourself: What feeling do I want my guests to have when they enter the room?

Is it formal or informal?

Will any special touches, such as hanging garlands or centrepieces, be on each table?

A beautifully decorated wedding reception with flowers as centrepieces

Make sure that whatever florist you select has experience creating similar looks – after all, all your hard work must pay off!

From here, start researching potential florists early so that come D-day; everything falls perfectly into place!

Researching Florists

A logical place to begin is by asking any married friends or family for referrals. They can provide valuable insight into their experience with local wedding florists. Alternatively, you can search online for reviews from past clients or check out the florist's website.

A collage or a grid of beautiful wedding flower arrangements from different florists

Take the time to look through the portfolios of various floral designers. Many have a recent portfolio showcasing their style and design capabilities. Ask each florist you speak with what type of flowers they specialise in or if they offer unique services such as flower preservation or custom arrangements. This will help you determine if the designer is the right fit for your wedding vision.

Finally, discuss budgeting with your potential florists and inquire about their pricing structure and available discounts. Be sure to get everything in writing so there are no misunderstandings on payday.

MY TIP: Take advantage of free consultations offered by most wedding florists – this will allow you to meet them in person, show them photos of your desired look, and ask questions before making a final decision.

LOCAL PLUG - Two of my friends run the Elizabeth Grace Florist in Coalville, Leicestershire, and she understands how important it is for everything to be right on your special day. Adding fresh flowers to your celebrations will enhance the mood and bring your theme to life. For brides who prefer something a little different, Debbie and Jodie also offer classically beautiful bouquets, buttonholes, and arrangements.

Determining Your Floral Vision

Ah, your floral vision. It's a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding day and make it truly special. Picture it now: the vibrant colours of fresh roses and lilies, the texture of exotic orchids, and the scent of delicate blooms filling the air. It's such a stunning sight!

A bride and groom with a beautiful floral backdrop

To ensure that your dream wedding comes to life, it's imperative to determine which florist will help you create an elegant floral design tailored to your needs.

After all, no two weddings are ever alike!

What kind of flowers do you prefer?

How many arrangements would you like for your ceremony and reception?

Are there any special requests for colour schemes or flower varieties?

All of these questions should be answered before deciding who will provide your wedding flowers.

A mood board or a collage of various flower types, colours, and arrangements

A helpful tip is to look at portfolios provided by potential florists and draw inspiration from them. This will help you understand the arrangements and themes that work for you.

These steps will set the stage for selecting a florist who will bring your floral vision to life, as you imagined—creating a lasting memory that will remain with you forever!

Working Within Your Floral Budget

It's time to work towards your floral dreams and make them a reality! Crafting the perfect wedding day with beautiful blooms is no small task, but you can achieve it with a tailored budget and creative thinking.

A table with a beautiful but budget-friendly flower centrepiece

First and foremost, you'll need to determine how much money you want to allocate to flowers. It pays to be mindful of the costs of each element of your big day, from bouquets to boutonnieres, corsages to centrepieces. By understanding how much you can spend on each item, you'll have an easier time selecting the right floral arrangements that stay within your spending plan.

When it comes down to it, there is no one-size fits all approach to wedding flower budgeting. Researching various flowers and their prices will help you find cost-effective alternatives that won't break the bank.

Luxury Wedding Flowers

high-end luxury wedding flowers

Image: Larry Washe Studio

Budget Wedding Flowers
Budget wedding flowers

Additionally, watch out for seasonal sales and other discounts from your florists that could make all the difference in sticking within your target spending limit. By being flexible and intentional when setting up your budget, you can ensure that everything looks stunning without overspending.

With these tips in mind, it's time to select the right arrangements for your wedding day!

Selecting the Right Floral Arrangements

 An unforgettable wedding day is a dream come true. Selecting the right floral arrangements to complete your vision is an absolute must!

bride holding a beautiful bouquet

Image: Cardiff Wedding Flowers

Choosing the right flowers can seem overwhelming, but with these steps, you can confidently navigate to gorgeous bouquets and blooms for your special day.

The fifth step in selecting the perfect flowers is choosing the right floral arrangements. From table centrepieces to bridal party bouquets, countless options are available at varying prices.

Wedding flower décor

As a professional wedding planner, I recommend taking inventory of your space and budget before making any decisions. Think about how many tables or areas will need centrepieces and how big they need to be.

Also, identify the type of flower that will fit into the overall theme or colour scheme.

A photo of a beautifully decorated wedding venue with flowers that complement the theme and colour scheme

Once you iron out those details, it's time to visualise what works best for you.

Tons of online resources offer inspiration boards and ideas for different floral arrangements - take advantage of them! Having realistic expectations is also important - finding certain types of flowers year-round or within your budget may not always be possible.

But working closely with a reliable florist can help ensure you get what you want while staying within budget constraints.

So, take the time to research different options and establish a connection with your florist. This can make all the difference in achieving the look you've always dreamed of.

Smiling Florist Arranging Plants Flower Shop

Establishing a Connection With Your Florist

Finding the right florist is like finding the right dress for a bride. An intimate connection between you, your partner, and your florist should reflect your vision for your wedding day.

In addition, connecting with your florist is essential to creating stunning floral arrangements for your wedding.

The first step in connecting with a florist is to do some research. Look through their website and portfolio to understand their style and ensure it matches yours.

Female wedding florist in her shop

You can also request referrals from friends or family members who have recently married. This may save you a lot of time researching their credibility as they have experienced the florist first-hand. I also recommend contacting the florist directly or attending a consultation to better understand them and their work.

During this process, being open and honest about your expectations is paramount.

Ensure they understand the type of aesthetic you're looking for and any details such as colour scheme or flower variety preferences. If possible, take pictures of any inspirational pieces so they clearly understand what you're looking for.

Once you feel comfortable with them, you can begin discussing options such as flower types and arrangements to bring your vision to life on a budget, and on time!

BONUS TIP: Don't hesitate to share pictures with potential vendors before deciding; it helps everybody stay on the same page! This way, when you find that perfect match, there won't be any surprises when picking or delivering the flowers on the big day!

Bride holding an English garden bouquet
Image: Botanique Workshop

Understanding the Delivery Process

Choosing your perfect wedding flowers is like assembling a jigsaw puzzle – it takes time and thoughtful consideration. Once you have the right pieces, you'll have a masterpiece you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Wedding Bouquet

As a professional wedding planner, I understand the importance of understanding the delivery process of flowers when selecting florists.

The delivery process should be discussed before signing any contracts. For instance, ask if they offer same-day flower delivery or require 48 hours' notice.

Find out if they provide hand delivery or need to use third-party services like couriers or post offices. Additionally, inquire about their return policy if the order is unsatisfactory or incorrect upon arrival.

Clear communication is key in the delivery process. Ensure that all instructions are provided in writing and that everything from delivery dates to payment methods is agreed upon before committing to any florist. This will ensure no last-minute surprises or miscommunications that could lead to problems on the big day!

By taking these steps, you can rest assured that you and your chosen florist are well-prepared for the task.

Knowing what questions to ask and understanding all the details involved in the delivery process will help make this one less thing for you to worry about.

Preparing For Changes

"A stitch in time saves nine." Preparation is key when planning for a wedding, particularly when selecting flowers.

Wedding planning checklist

When choosing your florist, it is important to ensure that you are adequately prepared for any changes that may arise. Here are some tips for preparing for potential alterations:

  • Have a Plan B: It's always wise to have a backup plan if something goes wrong with your original plan.
  • Discuss possible changes with your florist: Ask them what they would do if certain flower varieties became unavailable. You may wish to discuss alternatives that can be used as replacements.
  • Think of ways to help the process run smoothly: Consider what other services you might need from the florist, such as extra vases or ribbons, and how these can be provided quickly and easily should any changes occur.
  • Keep an open mind: Discuss with your florist all plausible scenarios to prepare you for any eventuality. Be flexible – not every change has to be seen as a negative!
  • Research other suppliers: Make sure you know where else you can source the materials needed should your chosen supplier be out of stock or unable to provide them in time. Back-up options will give you peace of mind if circumstances change quickly.

Note: As expert wedding planners, we understand the importance of preparing for potential changes on your big celebration day. That's why it's essential to take time to double-check all the details so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.

Double-Checking the Details

Adorned with the beauty of delicate blooms, wedding flowers symbolise the couple's union. They will adorn the ceremony and reception with love and joy, so they should be chosen carefully.

As a professional wedding planner, I cannot stress the importance of double-checking all details before deciding on your floral arrangements enough.

When selecting florists for your wedding day, it is important to ensure their offerings fit within your budget and match any specific vision you have for your big day.

Ensure that they carry the flowers you desire and other items, such as ribbons or vases. You should also review their portfolio to see if their style aligns with yours.

Additionally, don't forget to factor in delivery and labour charges when calculating total costs.

Finally, be sure to ask questions about any special requests you may have. A reputable florist can provide helpful advice on which types of flowers would best suit your needs and can accommodate any adjustments.

With these considerations in mind, you can rest assured that your wedding flowers will look beautiful no matter what!

Now it's time to review the final product - from bouquets to boutonnieres - before saying 'I do'!

Boutonnieres on a groom

Reviewing the Final Product

Once you've chosen the right florist for your wedding day, it's time to review the final product .

This is a key step in ensuring your big day is everything you dream of. Here are some tips to help you make sure you're getting what you want:

First, double-check all the details. Ensure that your order matches what you requested – the type of flowers, colour scheme, and quantity should all be correct.

Don't forget any extra items, such as vases or ribbons, that may have been included in the package.

DIY Ribbon Wrapped Wedding Centrepiece

Next, inspect the quality of the flowers. You should always make sure they look fresh and healthy before committing to them. Ask if they will be delivered on time, or if there is any way to guarantee their arrival earlier than expected.

Finally, review the overall cost of your order. Sticking to your budget while still getting beautiful blooms that reflect your unique style and vision for your wedding day is equally vital. Here are some tips to help:

  • Compare prices between different vendors and decide which one offers the highest value for money.
  • Look for discounts or special offers that can save you money on bulk orders or combining two services (e.g., ordering flowers with cake decorations).
  • Ask about payment options so that you can pay in instalments if needed.
  • Re-evaluate if any changes need to be made before signing off on the final product – this could include switching colours, adding more greenery, etc...

Now, it's time to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of what you've created!

From choosing the perfect florist to reviewing each detail of your order, take pride in knowing that every effort is geared towards making your special day look nothing short of stunning!


Brides throwing bouquet

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. It's paramount to ensure that you choose the right florist for all of your floral needs.

With careful consideration, research, and communication with your chosen florist, you can ensure that your wedding day is as elegant as it can be adorned with beautiful flowers.

By taking the time to understand your vision, work within a budget, select arrangements, and double-check all details with your florist, you can rest easy knowing that all of your floral needs are in expert hands.

So don't be afraid to ask questions and get creative!

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a stunningly striking floral display for your special day that will have everyone in awe.

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